Meetey Testimonials

This Meetey application is really good at helping you out know more about your neighbors. I was hesitant at first to use it since I really do not believe in knowing strangers through the internet. I thought people who do that are those who are looking for dates and relationships. I am not among those and the only reason why I wanted to try this out was because I need a plumber. But in the process, I managed to know my would be best friend and I was never happier. The purpose of this website is really good and they are really very transparent to the dot. I really love it and I hope you would too.


I feel doubtful about this application at first. I was confused about how it will work and then one night when I was bored at home, I decided to try it out. You see, I was newly moved to New Jersey. I came from Chicago and I have no friends. I don’t even know anyone. As such, finding out about my neighbors through this website is really very exciting. I got to know them and I was even invited to the New Year’s party of my neighbor. I was really pleased to have been part of Meetey. I really hope many people are as thankful as me.


Okay. Let me start by saying that this application is really outstanding. It is not like any other and it is really helpful. I like that it makes me feel connected to those neighbors I have around me. It is amazing how they are very helpful in helping me around a new city. Since I am a traveler, it is really a handy application to be a part of. Try it yourself to know what I am talking about.