Meet Up and Make Friends


One of the saddest things about moving is not leaving friends behind, although it is a huge part of it. The saddest is arriving at a foreign place where you do not know anyone. That is usually the problem –people do not know how to make friends again. There are simply people who do not know how to approach another person. As such, they are often left behind in their new neighborhood.

Here at Meetey, we have a solution to that. We make it possible and so much easier for you to get to know your neighbor andvice versa and this is with the help of the application that we have developed. If you are having inhibitions in inviting them over or even just meeting and greeting them, with this app, you can do that easily. The best thing about this is that it is fun,safe, and very user-friendly. The last thing that we want is for our customers to have a bad experience using our app. As such, we made it as easy to use as possible so that, techie or not, there is no way that you cannot enjoy this.

So what is it for you after registering in the Meetey app?

Well, Meetey is just like any of the social media application that you have which allows you to meet other people all over the world or in the vicinity of your home. The only difference and what set us apart is that instead of focusing on the people from faraway lands. We didn’t look further. We focused on the here and now since there is a greater chance for people who are nearer each other to easily become friends because of the shorter distance. They can easily meet each other if they want to and can come up with a variety of activities to do. In short, socializing is not only limited in front of a webcam or in front of your camera phones. Here, it is easier to meet your neighbors and to know more about them if thus neighbors are also members of this app. So whether you are simply trying to build a network in the new place where you moved in or you are looking for new friends or services such as a plumber or the best garage door service provider in Henderson, you can definitely find that here. You see, making friends is now easier with Meetey.

Being a newbie in a strange place is a little bit disconcerting. But here at Meetey, you can easily solve that too because hereno matter where you are, there are people who will guide you through. Are you looking for a shopping center? How about a Home Depot? Do you have any emergencies? Whatever it is you are looking for and you are going through, you can easily seek assistance from the members you will find here. Remember that this is location-based communication platform so it is most likely that the people who you are going to converse with are already more familiar with the place you are currently living in.

So what are you waiting for? This is the time to try out what Meetey has to offer you. Register now to join.