Meetey Application

Meeteyis a location-based social media application. If you think you got us figured out, then you have to think again because one thing we are is different from any other chatting and dating application that you know. Here, we focus on bringing neighbors together and creating ties especially among those people who are newly moved. We make sure that they do not feel alone by allowing them to get to know better their neighbors that even if they encounter any troubles in their vicinity or their property, they can easily seek help from them.

Meetey had been 6 years in the making. We seriously did our best to try and perfect this craft. In that way, not only can we bring convenience to the people, we can also easily help them cope and be more comfortable in their newenvironment. Up until now, we cannot still claim perfection. There are still rooms for improvements but we are already nearly there. Definitely, we cannot do this without your help. Our customers are the reason why we are continuously improving and this is because we like to serve you. As such, through the years, those who have remained with us and those continuously supported our application has shown the visible evolution of Meetey. From being just an application where you can chat with other people, ourplatform has been made better than ever. Now, you cannot simply send messages, you can already call them through your account without exposing your whereabouts. Here, you have a strong grasp on the information you are allowing strangers around you. Like we said, our platform has been made even safer.

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